President’s Message

T’is the summer of the unusual, but then again I guess changes keep us on our toes. Despite the devastating fire at Fort Mac, the Hangingstone Ravens held a weekend shoot that was well received and apparently a whole lot of fun and with lots of innovated fire-related prizes. The Eric Martens Long Range Shoot at Fort Whoop-up experienced very high winds that kept even the local expert shooters guessing all weekend.

Then came our provincial championships at Fort Whoop-up and I want to extend my personal congratulations to George Andrix who distinguished himself by winning enough trophies and ribbons that he almost needed help to carry the treasure back to his motorhome: that was great shooting, George!
We were advised that the Blaeberry Rendezvous at Golden was cancelled due to fire hazard and no sooner had we received that news than came a notice advising that the Heffley Creek Rendezvous was also cancelled for this year. Sad to lose these two fine events but under the prevailing circumstances it was the responsible thing to do. On the positive side, cancellation of the Heffley shoot means that more of us might be free to attend the Labour Day rendezvous at Fort Whoop-up and that is always a fun weekend.

Then all of a sudden we are facing the wrap up of our shooting season with the following weekend at Sherwood Park with Tassie and Elaine Xenos hosting a couple days of fun shooting and memorable grub.

Finally, the Military Museum here in Calgary is planning a Black Powder Day of Celebration to be held on Saturday, September 30. There will be Redcoats marching and firing their Brown Besses, a field artillery group, possibly some First Nations folk with tipis, hopefully some ABPA members with a civilian Fur Trade Era theme, including our flint guns, tents and some period activities such as blacksmithing, powder horn making, leather work and whatever else might be of interest to the viewing public. We might be able to set up a ‘hawk and knife block. I would be happy to hear from anyone who would like to participate. There will be secure parking for motor homes and other mobile accommodation as well as any tents and displays. Set up would be Friday PM or early Saturday morning with take down late Saturday or Sunday morning. This could be fun and great public exposure for the ABPA! Our Canadian Forces are sponsoring this event so it will be well organized.