Alberta Black Powder Association Newsletter Sep/ Oct 2018 PunchBowl


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Archery – Coaching / Practice 2:00 until 5:00
Long range fun shoot – 4:00 until 6:00
(Note: see below for new location, not the fire pit)Hawk and Knife practice, Noon until 6:00Registration – 6:30

Registration – 8:00

Trail Walk – 9:30, start at hall
Archery – 1:00 until dark
Hawk and Knife, serious and fun, 1:00 until darkCake and Ice Cream – 7:30

Brian Jeffery Ken Brown

Pat Cates

Pat Cates Tom Cates Brian Jeffery Ken Brown Pat Cates

Tom Cates Tom Cates

Trail Walk – 8:00 until Noon.

Prizes – 1:00

Long Range Shoot is a fun shoot, no prizes awarded.



Muzzle Loaders will shoot off hand. Winner is the person who hits the target the most number of times. The shoot is located on the trail walk just past the foot bridge, target to be on the island to the east. ).

Hawk and Knife: This will be a two tier competition this time. The serious players must use the Ken Brown score card and abide by his scoring system to be eligible for the prize money. Those of us less skilled will play for fun. We have the option of a special fee to be paid and used to make our own prizes or make your own individual wagers. I personally favor the person who can stick a hawk in a block gets a point, ditto for the knife. Alternate rules can be devised for your individual group.

Trail Walk Broken Target Rule: If you come upon a target that is broken, pull the stake with the number and put it on the ground, draw a line through that number on your score card. Then when you have completed the last scheduled target, shoot the next one in place of the one that was broken. Ditto if you find two or three broken targets.

Cake and ice cream: bring your own fork or spoon.

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