Alberta Black Powder Association Newsletter Sep/ Oct 2018 PunchBowl

2018 Red Deer F&G/ABPA Fall Trail Walk
September 21, 22 & 23 @ Red Deer Fish and Game Habitat Land

We are trying to expand our play time and allow everyone the opportunity to participate in all the activities they choose, so we will have a couple of activities on Friday. We will have an expanded archery shoot as well. Brian Jeffery will host target practice and coaching starting on Friday afternoon. Ken Brown will also move the muzzle loading long range shoot to Friday. Rob McCoy will host a “hydraulic shoot also on Friday. Seeschedule for details.

  1. The habitat land is located on the Southeast side of Red Deer on hwy 816. Approximately 3 miles south from hwy 595 or approximately 4 1/2 miles north from hwy 42, located on the East side of the road.
  2. On Friday September 21, the Hawk and Knife trail will be open for Non Official score card play. Ken’s long range shoot and Rob’s ”hydraulic Shoot” will happen. Start times to be determined.
  3. Sign in will start Friday at 6:30 pm, there is a $15 entry fee per person for ABPA or RDF&G members and a $25 fee for non-members. We are again asking competitors to sign a waiver. We will not have blanket prizes. We will have numerous cash prizes for the competitors. However, you must be present to receive the prize.
  4. The trail walk is for traditional muzzle loading rifles with iron sights and will start at 9:30 AM Saturday with a short meeting at the kitchen. In-lines will be allowed if using patched round ball, but not be available for prizes. Juniors may shoot the trail with a rim fire, if accompanied by an adult. The walk will be essentially the same as the May shoot. We will have 25 targets, with the contingent 3 targets, if one of the primary targets gets broken. Details will be posted at the scoring table
  5. Hawk and Knife will be a bit different than the one in May. We will have a two tier system. The more advanced throwers will compete for prize money as per the May event. Score cards must be turned into the scoring team by Noon Sunday. Those of us that are less accomplished will be having a fun match where we are happy when the knife or hawk actually sticks in a block. We will arrange our own prizes.
  6. Primitive Bow: We have made a few changes, hopefully making it a better shoot! More targets, more time. There will be a time for practice on Friday afternoon/evening with opportunity for some coaching if desired. Competition will start at 1pm on Saturday afternoon.
  7. There will be a long shot competition for front loaders, but not for cartridge rifles Friday. The“hydraulic shoot” will require you bring a shot gun. Preferred that it be a bp, but Rob may make someexceptions.
  8. Pat will have the ice cream social on Saturday night and Ken Brown says they will cook breakfast for everyone Sunday morning before the trail walk. Bring your own plate and cutlery.
  9. Sunday’s 20 target trail will start anytime AFTER 9 am.
  10. Prizes will be given out as soon as the scorers can make it happen, probably after 1 pm Sunday.

Note: Same as May, camping will be available starting Thursday afternoon. Note: No Pistols!
Contact: 4tlcates@gmail.com

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